About Us

APS is a social enterprise initiative conceived by a group of experienced female health professionals with a passion to improve the health of women and child in the society, empowering professional women. Aadharbhut Prasuti Tatha Prajanan Swasthya Kendra means Basic Maternity and Reproductive Health Centre in English. It was established in July 2007 and works very closely with the District Public Health Office, the local community and women groups, and encourages them to take ownership to assist in improving health in their society. All profit is reinvested in the local community via awareness raising activities and health camps or used to strengthen and expand services to reach poor and underserved groups and areas.

APS founding members want to serve as ambassadors of social enterprise to demonstrate professional women’s entrepreneurial skills. Their success is a viable and sustainable alternative to a purely profit making business and non-government organisations struggling for financial sustainability, solely depending upon donor funding.


The vision is to be a model institution in promoting independent free-standing natural birthing centres in Nepal, offering a site to train and support skilled, compassionate skilled birth attendants including nursing students.


The mission is to provide quality, cost-effective, round the clock, “women-couple-child-adolescent friendly”, basic maternal and child health including reproductive health services.


The aim is to contribute in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in Nepal.


  • Provide cost-effective quality maternity care at the lowest appropriate safe level, to women with normal pregnancies as proposed by the World Health Organization.
  • Use knowledge and skills of Nurses and Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives to provide a cost-effective alternate care to an Obstetrician.
  • Provide a platform for nurses who want to contribute their knowledge and skills in uplifting the health status of mothers and baby before, during and after childbirth.
  • Establish a high quality training site for various categories of health personnel, especially nurses and Skilled Birth Attendants.

Service Delivery Approach:

  • Based on primary health care and health promotion principles
  • Focus on health promotion, disease prevention, integrated sexual and reproductive health and child health services
  • Community-oriented, services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on public holidays

Guided Principles:

  • Quality cost-effective service
  • Equitable access
  • Social justice and Human rights
  • Community participation
  • Private-public partnership
  • Empowerment
  • Sustainable community development

Collaborating with specialists through its trained nursing staff, APS birthing centre provides cost-effective, compassionate and quality maternal and child health care services that promotes and supports mother and baby to be healthy – physically, mentally and socially. APS appreciates that since health care services have direct impact on an individual, it should not discriminate against the individual and family’s economic status.

APS believes in the fact that quality health services need not always be an expensive commodity limited only to those who are rich enough to afford it.