Inpatient Department – Birthing Centre

As an inpatient service, APS has a 10 bed birthing centre, staffed by nurses and Auxiliary Nurse-Midwives, to conduct safe normal births for mothers in labour. Mothers are admitted only when the concerned nurse-midwife identifies it as a low-risk pregnancy and labour thus natural birth is likely. As per the Government of Nepal and World Health Organization’s protocols, a prerequisite for admission to the Birthing Centre is that a woman should have received antenatal care (at APS or elsewhere) and should have had routine antenatal tests: heamatocrit, blood ABO and rhesus grouping and syphilis serology. If these criteria are met, the admitting nurse-midwife performs a checklist screen that includes the findings of the history and examination. Women who are found to be at low-risk and confirmed to be in labour are admitted. Women who are determined to be a high-risk or who develop intra-partum risk factors, are referred to the hospitals.

Women who are admitted are taken care of very effectively for the proper natural birth of a baby. Dedicated and caring nurse-midwives nourish these mothers. Round the clock attention is given until the mother is discharged from the birthing centre. A birthing center presents a more home-like environment than a hospital labour ward, typically with more options during labour: food/drink, and the attendance of husband, family members and friends if desired. The decor is meant to emphasize the normality of birth. In a birthing center, women are free to act more spontaneously during their birth, such as squatting, walking or performing other postures that assist in labour. Active natural birth is encouraged.

In a birthing centre, a woman could have her own advocate, such as her husband, mother, sister or friend, with her to provide support before, during and after the childbirth. The nurse-midwives monitor the labour and the well-being of the mother and foetus during the birth. Should additional specialist medical care be required, the mother can be transferred or referred to another hospital or call an obstetrician.