Our Team


Ms. Amala Maharjan, Founding member has 16 years experience in maternity and neonatal intensive care and works at Paropakar Women’ and Maternity Hospital. Also involves in midwifery teaching activies to nursing students in private college and had done her bachelor in nursing.


Ms. Asha Laxmi Prajapati, Founding board member has more than 20 years experience in maternity care at Paropakar Women’s and Maternity Hospital and holds bachelor of Nursing degree. She took first inchargeship of Maternal and Neonatal Care Unit (so-called birthing centre) in the hospital in which she has been working as a nursing supervisor.


Ms. Rashmi Rajopadhyaya, Founding Chairperson has 30 years clinical experience in the maternity unit at Patan Hospital and holds a bachelor in nursing degree. She helped to establish the first inhouse nurse-midwife led birthing centre at Patan Hospital in 1995 and Midwifery Society of Nepal in 2010.



Ms. Laxmi Tamang, Founding managing director has a Bachelor of Nursing from Nepal and a Master of Public Health from the University of New South Wales in Australia. She has extensive experience working in different settings, with diverse communities, in hospitals, national and international developmental agencies and educational institutions since 1995. She is committed to promote and strengthen independent midwifery practice in Nepal to encourage natural, holistic and low intervention care for women wherever possible, while being vigilant in recognizing risks and acting promptly and responsibly to achieve safety and well-being to both mother and baby. Her goals are to work toward raising the standards of maternal and newborn care practices and midwifery education and services in Nepal and to work persistently for safe motherhood and women’s empowerment. She took key role in the establishment of Midwifery Society of Nepal.
Laxmi’s published articles about APS in Midwifery Today in 2009 and 2011 include: “ Factors that Persuaded Nurses to Establish a Maternity Care Centre in Nepal and “Birth and the Establishment of a Professional Organization in Nepal“.